Is AI capable enough to take our jobs? What jobs AI can’t take? At what stage we are?

You might have heard things like AI is going crazy, It’s gonna take our jobs, AI will rule humans… and more. (I don’t get the latest comic at my location)

In this…

Imagine combining the capabilities of Swift, Kotlin, C# and Javascript into one. Yes, it’s possible!

A Glimpse.

I travelled time to see Futter’s future for you.

Understanding the time machine

Before giving you my experience with future, I would like to give a brief of the time machine I used for it.

It’s basically a GitYantr 2.0 which is designed in way to observe the…

I have worked with StartWithGenesis for 4 months now, I feel comfortable to share my experience with them and why i think new comers should try StartWithGenesis ( a lot of people asked me after one of my linkedin post).

So first of all, what is StartWithGenesis?

Flutter had an interactive session called Flutter Interact 2019.

You can find the link to the event here:

Flutter Interact had launched a lot of tools and previews of upcoming stable technologies.

Important Stable Releases

  1. Google Fonts for Flutter
  2. Better Integration with Material UI
  3. Flutter 1.12 stable release with following new features:

Tushar Ojha

Tech Enthusiast | Open Source | Developer | Android | Flutter Dev

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