Flutter Interact 2019 Highlights

Flutter had an interactive session called Flutter Interact 2019.

You can find the link to the event here: https://developers.google.com/events/flutter-interact

Flutter Interact had launched a lot of tools and previews of upcoming stable technologies.

Important Stable Releases

  1. Google Fonts for Flutter
  2. Better Integration with Material UI
  3. Flutter 1.12 stable release with following new features:
Flutter 1.12 Stable Release Launched

a). Dark Mode for iOS
b). New Cupertino widgets
c). AndroidX now default for new projects
d). New Flutter Gallery to showcase new widgets in hand.

Most Interesting Upcoming Tools & Previews

This year flutter team showed several new upcoming features, mostly focused on the material designing and ambient computing which is actually no surprise.

Here are the top things to expect from flutter in future.

  1. Adobe XD plugin with flutter to make your design to coded app directly.
  2. DartPad has now plugin to directly test your flutter app design.
  3. Rive animations will become more useful in flutter especially for web.
  4. Hot UI plugin for android studio makes it easy to see your app design before running the app.
  5. Cupertino package has been improved and will definitely help to satisfy your iOS users.
This sketch covers all major announcements made in Flutter Interact 2019.

Flutter Interact was awesome and it seems that Google Developers are taking flutter’s future seriously.

In the complete event the most interesting thing is that ambient computing will be the future and flutter is going to be the leader in it.

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